Meet our mobile application

Sending acquired data

It can send acquired data to any other mobile device (if Mobile to mobile streaming option is activated).


Visualization of the signals is displayed on a mobile phone or tablet. There is an option to choose which channels will be displayed on the screen. Users can zoom in, zoom out and make their own channel selections with custom colors for each channel.

Detect disorders

It can detect disorders by analyzing acquired data using deep neural networks (if Interpretation option is activated). When a disorder is detected, the patient is alerted.

Printing results

Recorded signals can quickly and easily be printed on a regular sheet of paper, without the need for expensive thermal paper and printer. Different types of reports are available according to which additional options are activated.

Easy to use

The application offers simple plug&play functionality without the need of additional drivers. The application can simply be downloaded from Google Play Store free of charge and after connecting the ECG device it is ready to use.

Great Support

Simply download the latest version of the application from Google Play or from our website. Technical support can be contacted from website or via phone call.

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