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PanonIT is a company that specializes in the design and development of high-end and consumer-grade embedded hardware systems. The company has been operating in the European market for more than 15 years, providing custom firmware and high-quality user interfaces paired with high-tech hardware. In addition, Panonit is known as a reliable supplier of services in software development and QA. Independently and with partners, PanonIT has participated in many international and scientific projects for more than ten years. Our team of Ph. D.s and engineers have extensive experience in research and development. They have made significant academic contributions through numerous published papers in well-respected journals and conferences in the areas of machine learning, deep learning, and data mining.
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PanonIT product development

PanonIT has extensive experience in research and development of various fields including information and communication systems, image and video processing, video streaming, computer vision, data mining, machine learning, electronic devices prototyping, embedded systems programming, neural networks, and their application, including the state-of-the-art scientific field of deep learning.

PanonIT uses adaptable Lean-Agile practices to incorporate elements of continuous delivery and improvement. The company has vast experience and deep knowledge in embedded system development, which enables it to adapt, extend, and optimize the software of any embedded system. PanonIT has a team of expert engineers who design fully customized architectures for embedded systems. The team analyzes each project to identify what is feasible and produces cutting-edge hardware and software based on market demands and needs.

PanonIT product development
PanonIT product development
Working in collaboration with eminent cardiologists from the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases of Vojvodina and Limana Cardiology Medical Center, PanonIT has invested its knowledge in developing CardioNS, the world’s smallest medical ECG device with the class IIa CE mark.

PanonIT is a legal entity in the EU, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia The production is made at PanonIT’s subsidiary in Serbia and it is certified according to ISO standards.

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We are certified according to ISO standards

We are certified according to ISO standards<br />