CardioNS E2

CardioNS – medical resting 12-channel ECG device

The resting ECG test is a simple, quick, safe, and painless procedure that measures the electrical activity of the heart while the patient is at rest.

CardioNS is a lightweight and compact mobile ECG device. The USB OTG cable and ECG cables with probes can be easily attached to it, with a plug-and-play functionality, not requiring additional drivers or batteries.


Introducing compact ECG Solution

One end of the device has a USB connection, while the other has ECG probes. To power and control the device, you can use an Android CardioNS tablet connected to a USB OTG cable. Contrary to a Bluetooth connection, the USB connection offers a more stable data transfer and requires no setup.

The latest generation of analog-to-digital converters by the world-leading company Texas Instruments, known for excellent accuracy and ultra-low power consumption, enables longer recording times.

CardioNS Application and Signal Capabilities

CardioNS is controlled by the “CardioNS” application, which acquires and displays ECG signals, detects abnormalities, and eventually sends data to the CardioNS cloud portal. It has 10 leads that record 12 signals simultaneously: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6.
ECG signals can be printed on plain paper without the need for a thermal printer and paper.


CardioNS package content

Mobile ECG device CardioNS E2 – 12 channels
Cable with ECG leads
USB OTG cable
Instructions for use
Declaration of Conformity
** Tablet is packed separately

Discover CardioNS: Dive into Technical Details

Unlock the power of CardioNS! Explore in-depth technical specifications by downloading the PDF. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities and transform healthcare practices with CardioNS technology.

CardioNS Seamless Operation and Accessibility

The mobile ECG device can be used immediately with CardioNS tablet containing a preinstalled application or after installing the free application from the Google Play Store to your Android mobile device with OTG support. No additional drivers are needed.

CardioNS Heart Outline - Google Play Store App
Personalized visualization of ECG signals

Personalized visualization of ECG signals

The CardioNS app allows personalized visualization of ECG signals, including customization of color and number of signals. After the resting ECG test, the doctor can immediately interpret the results by reviewing them on a mobile device or printing them on plain paper.

Device data and capabilities

Signal visualization

Users can choose which leads will be displayed on the screen and customize their lead selections by selecting custom colors for each lead.

Detecting disorders

Complex mathematical algorithms analyze the acquired data and detect, identify, and mark disorders. Alerts are sent to the user or doctor upon detection.

CardioNS Data Sharing

Sending acquired data

The acquired data can be shared between devices with the CardioNS application. It is as simple as sharing an image from the photo gallery. The generated PDF reports can be shared with any other device in the world, equipped with a PDF reader. The telemetry function of the device provides signal streaming in real-time to any other Android mobile device on the same network with the CardioNS application installed.

CardioNS - Data printing

Data printing

It is possible to print recorded signals on regular paper without the need for expensive thermal paper or a printer. Different reports are available based on activated options. Results can be printed when received through the sharing data option from another user. The patient can share the acquired data with the doctor who prints it and analyzes it.

Great Support

Download the latest version of CardioNS from Google Play or our website. Technical support is available via phone or website.