CardioNS ECG device with Snap type patient cable + tablet

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CardioNS ECG device with Snap type patient cable + tablet

Step into the future of diagnostics with the CardioNS ECG device paired seamlessly with a tablet. This comprehensive set combines high-tech electrocardiogram recording with mobility and effortless integration using the accompanying tablet. With 12 channels and the capability to record all 12 signals simultaneously, CardioNS enables swift, accurate, and convenient monitoring of cardiac activity.

Managed effortlessly through the "CardioNS" application, the device offers both control and personalized diagnostic results at your fingertips. Elevate your medical practice with the innovation and convenience of the CardioNS ECG device, now bundled with an included tablet.

CardioNS package content:
Mobile ECG device CardioNS E2 - 12 channels
Cable with ECG leads
USB OTG cable
Instructions for use
Declaration of Conformity
** Tablet is packed separately


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