Real Stories, Real Impact: CardioNS Testimonials

Welcome to our Testimonials section, where we share compelling stories and experiences from CardioNS users across various industries. This space serves as a window into the tangible benefits that CardioNS brings to different sectors. Immerse yourself in narratives that showcase positive transformations in practice, from healthcare professionals to private users, and discover how CardioNS is reshaping the way we approach health and well-being.

CardioNS Testimonials

“We were called to a shopping center, where a 52-year-old male collapsed. He had a highly irregular heartbeat, so we stabilised him and drove him to the nearest hospital 25 km away. On the way to the hospital, I took an ECG test with CardioNS mobile ECG device and sent the record over a simple messaging app to my colleagues in the IC unit. On arrival, a proper team was already waiting for us and immediately took over the patient’s care, and practically saved his life.”

Nicola, Paramedic

“As the only cardiologist in the hospital at the time, I was on the consult call in another part of the building, when I got a call from a nurse that one of my critical patients was performing a pathological heart rhythm. It was an urgent situation and the nurse connected the CardioNS mobile ECG device to the patient and, since we are on the same network, she streamed his ECG in real-time. Based on the ECG record on my phone I ordered the therapy, and the patient got back sinus rhythm quickly.”

Mira, Cardiologist

“I work as a physician in the countryside for over 10 years. The nearest hospital and cardiologist is almost 100km away. Most of my patients are elderly with heart diseases. From time to time I need to consult with a cardiologist based on the ECG record. Now with the CardioNS mobile ECG device, I can make an ECG record and simply share it with my cardiologist colleague in the hospital for a second opinion. This way I am saving my patients from long and painful trips to the hospital.”

Marco, Physician

“I had a heartache several months back, I went to my Cardiologist, but on resting ECG record everything was in order. At the time Holter monitoring wasn’t available, so I got a CardioNS mobile ECG device from my doctor to take it home and try to make an ECG record when I felt the pain sensations on the left side of my chest. After a few days, the pain started again and I was able to make a 5-minute ECG record since the CardioNS app is very intuitive. Based on that ECG record my Cardiologist put up the right diagnosis and therapy. Now the chest pains are gone and I feel perfect.”

Elena, 64 old, patient

“We perform a large number of systematic routine health check-ups for many companies’ employees. The standard part of every check-up is an ECG test. Naturally, as a business owner, I must keep control of the daily costs. Since CardioNS ECG records can be printed on plain paper along with a millimeter pattern, there is no need for expensive thermal paper. On the other hand, we can keep our ECG records on our servers, without the need for printing at all. This way we are reducing our daily costs and saving the forest as well.”

Ivan, Private clinic owner

“As a part of our service and care, we provide periodic health checks for all our residents, especially those with a known history of heart disease. CardioNS is very handy since it is easy to set up and straightforward to use. We have an on-call doctor service, so that we can easily share by mail all the ECG reports with him for review. When a longer period of heart monitoring is required, we can use the CardioNS stream and monitor option, and the nurse at the front desk, through the wifi network, can follow any heart rhythm changes of the resident in real-time as well.

Martha, elderly home NP